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Supportive Policy of Pixian County for Accelerating the Development of Leading Industries to First Achieve a Double Growth in the Industrial Sector

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This supportive policy is hereby formulated in order to implement the industrial doubling strategy of the municipal Party committee, accelerate the development of leading industries in the county, strengthen the ecological industry, and promote the adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure.

Every year, the department of finance of the county allocates 50 million yuan as a special fund for supporting the development of industrial economy. The special fund will increase at an annual rate appropriate to the growing county-level retained part of the due industrial tax.

This policy aims to guide the leading industries in the county to develop by accelerating new-style industrialization, adhering to the centralization, clustering and intensification principles, and following the ecological, high-end, and stereoscopic development path, so as to first achieve a double growth in the industrial sector. The policy gives priority mainly to high-end industries and their high-end projects, namely, the enterprises and projects with industrially leading technology and core competitiveness in the upper segment of the industrial value chain. It applies to the biological medicine, electronic and electrical, food of characteristics and advantage and other high-end industries and industrial high-end projects in line with the leading industry planning and distribution of our country, and legally setting up, paying tax as required, sincerely operating and having no bad credit in Pixian, with its focus on strengthening support of the leading industries in regard to major and specially large project introduction and construction, industrial high-end orientation, industrial structure optimization and resource factor guarantee.

I.     To Increase the Reward for Major and Mega Projects Introduction and the Support for Project Construction 

(I)   To increase the reward for major and mega project introduction.

1.    The intermediary or agency (except for the national staff) of any major project (project investment exceeding 200 million yuan or 20 million US dollars, and investment intensity not less than 2.6 million yuan/mu; for the fine and deep processing project of agricultural products, the investment exceeding 100 million yuan or 10 million US dollars, and the investment intensity not less than 2.2 million yuan/mu, similarly hereinafter) and mega project (project investment exceeding 1 billion yuan or 100 million US dollars, and investment intensity not less than 3 million yuan/mu; for the fine and deep processing project of agricultural product projects, the investment exceeding 500 million yuan or 50 million US dollars, and the investment intensity not less than 2.8 million yuan/mu, similarly hereinafter) in line with the leading industry position of our county will be rewarded 0.2 million or 0.5 million yuan. The first half of the reward is to be granted within 3 months after the signing, registration and commencement of the project, and the other half within 3 months after the project is completed and comprehensively put into operation.

2.    The children of the senior management and key technical experts of the major and mega project are entitled to the same rights of the local residents in regard to education.

(II)  To strengthen the support for major and mega project construction.

3.    The newly-introduced major and mega projects, after the signing and commencing during the agreed time, will receive supplementary support of up to 1 million yuan based on 30% and 15% of the first-year and second-year special supportive fund of Chengdu respectively.

4.    The major and mega industrial construction project with plot ratio exceeding 1.5 and plant reaching or topping three storeys is exempted from the urban infrastructure supporting fees at county level. Projects unqualified in the civil air defense engineering construction conditions, and approved to pay to build project remotely need to pay civil air defense engineering remote construction fee based on 50% of the existing charging standard. 

5.    Introduction and construction of the provincial and municipal major project and the ancillary project or the project having significant influence on industrial development of our county are to be supported following the “one policy for one enterprise” policy.

II.   To Encourage Industrial High-end Oriented Development

(I)   To support technological transformation of enterprises.

6.    Projects in line with the industrial distribution and planning of our county and are entitled to the technical transformation subsidy of Chengdu will receive up to 1 million yuan based on 30% of that subsidy of current year (up to 2 million yuan for the leading or chain supplementation projects).

7.    Enterprises included in the county-level major technical transformation plan, paying tax of 2 million yuan and above annually, and with project put into operation on schedule will receive subsidy according to the total investment of the accepted fixed assets: 2‰ of the total investment of the accepted assets for the project with 10 million yuan investment implemented, 4‰ for the 20 million yuan investment, 6‰ for the 30 million yuan investment, and 8‰ for the 50 million yuan investment implemented. And the highest subsidy for the individual project is 1 million yuan.

Enterprise getting above technical transformation supports can be granted the annual “advanced unit of technical progress” title.

(II)  To support the eco-friendly development of enterprises.

8.    Energy-saving and technical transformation projects registered with the competent department and enjoying the special subsidy of Chengdu will receive up to 0.5 million yuan of supplementary subsidy based on 50% of the received subsidy.

9.    Energy-saving and technical transformation projects with investment in fixed assets reaching 2 million yuan or above and saving 50 tons (including 50 tons) standard coal of energy will be granted 350 yuan/ton for reward after being accepted as qualified project, and the subsidy and reward for the whole project is not more than 0.5 million yuan in theory.

10.  Industrial enterprise in the county with cooling water recycle rate exceeding 95% and water saving investment between 0.5 million and 5 million yuan (including 5 million yuan will be rewarded 50,000 for one time. Enterprises with total water saving investment exceeding 5 million yuan will be rewarded 0.1 million yuan, and that reuses the treated water which reach the discharge standard will get 80,000 yuan for as one time reward.

11.  Enterprises included in the municipal outdated capacity obsoleting and relocating plan will receive up to 0.5 million yuan of subsidy based on 50% of the city-level special subsidy. And the enterprise passes the provincial clean production audit will get 0.1 million yuan as one-time subsidy.

Enterprises which have obtained eco-friendly development support as described above can be granted the title “Advanced Unit of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction” of a certain year.

(III)       To support the independent innovation of enterprises.

12.  Enterprises newly obtaining the national, provincial and municipal engineering (technology) research center, key lab, engineering lab, enterprise technology center, title of technology innovation demonstration enterprise, and industrial design center will be granted 0.5 million yuan, 0.2 million or 0.1 million yuan. And enterprises cooperating with scientific research institutions or colleges in establishing labs, academician and expert workstations, postdoctoral centers, technical research institutions and other research institutions will receive 0.1 million yuan as reward after being authenticated.

13.  Enterprises, taking the lead to carry out the important technical innovation and major technical equipment innovation projects which are granted the national, provincial or municipal special subsidy, will obtain up to 0.5 million yuan of support based on 5% of the highest accepted national, provincial and municipal-level subsidy.

14.  The newly authenticated national high-tech industrial enterprises (or passing the reexamination) will be awarded 0.1 million yuan as the new product research fund for the current year. Enterprises with projects listed into the “torch”, “spark”, “new product” and "achievement promotion” and other national technology projects will receive 30,000 yuan as subsidy after the project gets completed and passes appraisal. And the enterprise will get 50,000 yuan if its project is included in the national scientific and technological innovation fund.

15.  Scientific and technical personnel winning national, provincial and municipal technical progress award (including patent award) will receive the supplementary award valuing that award.

16.  Enterprises newly participating in the international standard setting (revising) will be granted reward of 0.3 million yuan if ranking among the top three in the standard document will and 0.15 million yuan if having other ranking. Enterprises newly participating in the national standard setting (revising) will be rewarded 0.2 million yuan if ranking the No. 1 in the standard document and 0.1 million yuan if having other ranking. Enterprises newly participating in the provincial standard setting (revising) will be rewarded 50,000 yuan if ranking among top 3 in the standard document.

Enterprise getting above independent innovation supports can be granted the annual “advanced unit of technical innovation” title.

III.  To Support the Industrial Expansion and Upgrade

(I)   To support the brand building of enterprise.

17.  Enterprises with brands wining “China Top Brand” or “China Famous Brand” (administratively recognized), “Sichuan Top Brand” or Sichuan Famous Brand” (administratively recognized, or “Chengdu Famous Brand” (administratively recognized) will be rewarded 0.5 million, 0.2 million and 50,000 yuan.

18.  Enterprises wining “China Quality Management Award”, “Sichuan Quality Management Award”, and “Chengdu Quality Award” will be granted 0.4 million, 0.2 million and 0.1 million yuan.

Enterprise getting above brand building supports can be granted the annual “advanced unit of brand building” title.

(II)  To support the upgrade of leading industries.

19.  Separate 20% of the “industrial development special fund” for setting the “guiding fund for leading industries demonstration projects”, for guiding the enterprise to strengthen the independent innovation, transformation and upgrade, industrial level lifting, and going the “three low and one high” (low investment, low consumption, low pollution and high benefit)  ecodevelopment path, to realize the clustered and intensive development. The owning enterprise of the newly-founded or technical improvement projects, in line with the leading industry distribution and planning of our county, greatly lifting the capacity of the leading industries of the county or having demonstration effect, increasing the operating revenue by more than 500 million yuan and tax paying by more than 10 million yuan, and enterprise having tax paying intensity not less than 0.15 million/mu, is qualified to apply for the special fund support. After passing the review, the enterprise will get subsidy of up to 5 million yuan based on 5‰ of the total investment of the project. The project enjoying the special fund support is not entitled to other similar support under this policy in theory.

(III)       To support production expansion of enterprises.

20.  Separate 1 million yuan of the “industrial development special fund” to be the “special fund for newly-added working capital subsidized loan” annually. In addition to the 50% loan interest subsidy, the enterprise in line with the city-level newly-added working capital subsidized loan is entitled to 10% of loan interest subsidy by the current benchmark interest rate of the People’s Bank of China. The interest subsidy period is not longer than one year.

21.  Enterprises, with the annual due tax (added-value tax, corporate income tax, and similarly hereinafter) reaching or exceeding 2 million yuan and ranking among top3 in terms of average tax revenue levied per mu of land, will be granted reward of up to 0.8 million yuan based on 20% of the actually accepted tax of the county. Enterprises with tax paying increase ranking among top 5 in the county will receive reward of up to 1 million yuan based on the actually accepted tax of the county, and be granted the title of “excellent tax source enterprise”.

22.  Industrial enterprises with tax paid annual exceeding 5 million yuan (including 5 million yuan) for the first time and tax paying intensity more than 0.15 million yuan/mu (including 0.15 million yuan) and actually paying the county tax not less than 1 million yuan will receive 0.3 million yuan. And for the part exceeding 5 million yuan, every 5 million yuan added will be rewarded 0.3 million yuan, and the enterprise will be granted the title of “promising tax paying enterprise”.

23.  Enterprises, with annual tax paying exceeding 10 million yuan (including 10 million yuan), average tax revenue levied per mu of land topping 0.15 million yuan (including 0.15 million yuan), and paying the county tax not less than 1 million yuan, will get reward of 0.5 million, 0.6 million, 0.7 million, 0.8 million or 1 million yuan, based on tax paying of 10-15 million yuan (including 10 million yuan), 15-20 million yuan (including 15 million yuan), 20-30 million yuan (including 20 million yuan), 30-50 million yuan (including 30 million yuan), and above 50 million yuan.  Enterprises paying tax over 10 million yuan will receive the title of “tax paying star enterprise”.

(IV)       To support the capital expansion and recombination of enterprises.

24.  Both registration address and investment destination of the raised fund of the enterprises issuing IPO, reissuing shares, or succeeding in corporate bond issuing are in this county, the enterprise will get support of 1 million. 0.8 million and 0.3 million yuan.

25.  For the new enterprise of the owner-concerning M&A, which keeps the industrial and commercial registration in and still pays tax in this county, and the tax exceeds that of the actually paid tax of all the enterprises participating in the M&A in the previous year, the enterprise will get all the exceeded part, but not more than 1 million yuan.

26.  The administrative and institutional fee (excluding social insurance charges, resource compensation charges, procedure fee, business license registration fee) paid by the new enterprise of M&A by the owner and due to the county government will be exempted. The land and real estate transfer procedure fee will be charged by 50%, and county-level contract tax for the transfer of land and other assets will be all exempted.

27.  The enterprise-based supporting policy will be carried out for the M&A having great promoting or chain supplementation effect on the industry in this county.

(V)  To support the market expansion of enterprises.

28.  Enterprises participating in the national-level exhibition organized by the county government will get the supplementary subsidy based on 25% of the city-level subsidy.

29.  Enterprises in the large enterprise and group cultivation plan of our county will get the reward of 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5 million yuan upon its operating revenue topping 1, 2 and 3 billion yuan. And afterwards, every 1 billion added will let the enterprise win 0.1 million of reward.

30.  Enterprises to be cultivated as the “singles champion” in Chengdu will be rewarded supplemented reward based on 50% of the city-level reward. The accumulated reward of the single enterprise should not top 0.3 million yuan.

31.  Enterprises, included in the large-scale enterprise cultivation plan, with annual revenue topping 20 million yuan for the first time, and included in the national large-scale industrial enterprise statistics, will win reward of 50,000 yuan.

32.  Enterprises in this county, with products listed into the Catalogue of Chengdu Local High Quality and Well-know Goods or the processing service amount exceeding 5 (including 5) and 10 (including 10) million yuan, will be rewarded 50,000 yuan and 0.1 million yuan.

IV.  To Drive the Optimization of Industrial Structure

1.    To support the integration of IT application with industrialization.

33.  For the project with an investment of more than 500,000 yuan and having typical demonstration effects of “integration of IT application with industrialization” as identified by the department in charge of industrial economy and informatization above the county level, including application of computer-aided design, intelligence and automation of production equipment, management information system integration and application, and information security upgrade of industrial control system, etc., a subsidy at 5% of the investment up to 500,000 yuan shall be offered.

34.  For the industrial enterprise above designed size with a self-built e-commerce platform or company firstly achieving an annual online sale above 5 million yuan, 20 million yuan and 100 million yuan, a one-time reward of 50,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan shall be respectively offered.

35.  For the industrial enterprise above designed size adopting top 30 e-commerce platforms in China or those explicitly promoted by the state, provincial and municipal government, an annual reward at 50% of the e-commerce platform service charges up to 10,000 yuan shall be offered during the first 2 years.

(II)  To encourage industry relocation and rim industry chain supplementation.

36.  The sized enterprise outside the Park which conform to the industry planning and layout with a tax upon relocation of no less than 150,000 yuan/mu shall be encouraged to relocate to the Industrial Park. For the enterprise leasing the plant within the Park for relocation, a supporting subsidy at 50% of rental subsidies received at the municipal level shall be offered; for the enterprise acquiring the standard plant (including supporting houses) within the Park for relocation, a one-time subsidy at 100 yuan/square meter for actual areas acquired up to 500,000 yuan shall be offered.

37.  For the industry leader generated from the industry transfer of strategic cooperation parks at the municipal, county and regional level in other rims undertaken by our county, as well as the project enjoying significant effects of chain supplementation on industries in our county, the “enterprise-based” supporting policy shall be adopted.

V.   To Strengthen the Supporting of Resource Elements

(I)   To support the secured financing of enterprises.

38.  For the financing guarantee company (including the membership guarantee institution) established with private capital and registered within our county, a subsidy at 10% of actual annual net compensation loss caused by guarantee for industrial enterprises of our county up to 500,000 yuan shall be offered. Such funds shall be included in the risk reserves of the guarantee institution.

39.  For the policy guarantee company with an actual private stake accounting for more than 25% of total paid-in capital, a supportive fund at 1% of the actual stake up to 500,000 yuan shall be offered.

40. For the industrial enterprise obtaining loans through pledge of intellectual property, a subsidy for guarantee at 2% of the guarantee amount shall be offered.

41.  For the enterprise leasing production equipment from finance leasing companies, a supporting subsidy at 5% of the special grants received at the municipal level up to 300,000 yuan shall be offered.

(II)  To support the construction of energy security.

42.  For the industrial enterprise above designed size sponsoring dual power supply projects, a supporting reward of 10% (up to 500,000 yuan) shall be offered in addition to the reward of 10% higher than reliable power supply cost from the municipal government; for the sized enterprise establishing diversified energy replacement and alternate facilities, a supporting reward of 10% (up to 500,000 yuan) shall be offered except for the reward of 10% from the municipal government.

VI.  Supplementary Articles

43.  The same type of reward for the same enterprise or project shall be offered at the higher amount for only once; only one of the subsidies at the state, provincial, municipal and county level shall be offered for the same enterprise; the enterprise enjoying the “enterprise-based” supporting policy shall not be covered by relevant supportive policies herein; in principle, the enterprise within the Park shall properly perform the settlement agreement and meet the agreed conditions.

44.  The “tax” herein refers to the actual tax paid by an enterprise into the State Treasury within the Gregorian calendar year upon self-declaration as verified by the tax and financial department, the rewards offered for the enterprise shall principally be less than local retained part of the tax paid. The enterprise and individual shall pay tax corresponding to the rewards received as required by laws. The “one-vote veto” policy shall be carried out for the enterprise and individual with adverse record in terms of taxation, security and environmental protection, etc., which shall not enjoy this Supportive Policy any more.

45.  The declaration, audit and fund appropriation procedures of the projects herein shall follow the supporting document the Measures for Administration of Special Funds for the Industrial development of Pixian County.

46.  This Policy shall be implemented under the leadership of and subject to the interpretation of Pixian Economic and Information Bureau. A performance evaluation shall be conducted for the implementation of this Policy.

47.  This Policy came into effect on January 1, 2014 with a duration of three years. This document shall prevail where there is any inconsistence between this Policy and other relevant policies of Pixian County to support the development of industrial economy.