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Investment Climate

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Pixian, located in the heartland of Sichuan—the “Land of Abundance”, and the northwestern suburb of Chengdu with a distance of 14 km from the county town to Chengdu urban area, and covering an area of 438 sq. km, is a county where all highways leading to the world’s famous scenic spots Dujiangyan, Mount Qingcheng, Huanglong Scenic Area and Jiuzhaigou Valley pass through. Pixian is the cradle of farm house enjoyment inChina, is one of the seven Satellite towns determined by Chengdu plan and enjoys great prestige nationwide as the hometown of bean paste, the hometown of Sichuan embroidery and the hometown of bonsai. It is successively honored as the national civilized county, national level ecological county and national leisure agriculture and rural tourism model county.

Pixian possesses unique human resource superiority. It is the historical capital of ancient Shu Kingdom and the birthplace of ancient Shu culture. The Wangcong Temple in the county is the holy place where Shu people come to pay homage to their ancestors. This beautiful and wealthy land had successively bred culture celebrities like Yan Junping---a philosopher and thinker, Yang Xiong---a litterateur, philosopher and linguist in the Western Han Dynasty. Possessing abundant scientific research resources and high-quality human resources (19 universities and colleges like Southwest Jiaotong University and Chengdu Electronic Technology University, 31 national laboratories, 19 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, approximately 5000 professional and technical personnel above associate professor level and 253 thousand college students), Pixian is the pilot county for national first Smart cities and is honored as “the core of western China and the think tank of Sichuan”.

Pixian owns a solid foundation for accommodating industries. In the aspect of industry, Pixian has built up 15 sq. km of industry concentration development area, of which the “Chinese Sichuan Cuisine Industrialization Base” under the support of Pixian bean paste is approximately 3 sq. km, which initially forms a industrial cluster led by electronic and electrical and high-end equipment manufacturing and Sichuan cuisine, where a batch of enterprises (such as Intel Corporation, Huawei and the China Aviation Industrial (AVIC)) with direct or share investment of Fortune Global 500 successively settle at Pixian. Numerous national and provincial development zones like western area of Chengdu Hi-tech Development Zone, western area of Sichuan Chengdu Export Processing Zone and the National West Software Research and Development Industrialization Base gather in perimeter of the Park, which forms powerful industrial supplementary and radiation driving ability. The establishment of 1.65 sq. km of “Small and Micro Businesses Innovation Park” and 1 sq. km of “Smart Science Park” is currently being accelerated to prioritize industries related to electronic information and intelligent application and to strive to build Small and Micro Businesses Innovation Park as a national model base. In the aspect of modern service industry, Pixian has successively gathered industries like urban development, commerce and trade and health maintenance with direct investment or investment holding of known enterprises like China Railway Engineering Corporation, CITIC, Fantasia and Wanda Corporation. Aimed at building a modernized and internationalized satellite town of West Entrance of Chengdu, we are building the five districts (Pitong, Xipu, etc., covering an area of 93 sq. km) to the east of the county as a livable, suitable for industries and modern new town cooperating and coordinating with the development of main urban area in accordance with the standard of “life supporting is not poorer than that of main urban area, ecological environment is superior to that of main urban area and quality of buildings is higher than that of main urban area”, prioritizing urban economy like headquarters economy, innovative and high technology, education & training, culture creativity and commerce and trade, and endeavoring to build an accumulation area with headquarter base of construction industry and high-end service industry. In the aspect of agriculture, putting emphasis on the nine towns to the west of the county, Pixian is striving to develop modern agriculture (with the principal as flowers and plants nursery stock, vegetables and grain and oil) and rural tourism (with interaction between primary industry and service industry and fusion of culture and tourism) to build a characteristic town and beautiful countryside that fully reflects idyllic scenery, cultural features and geographical characteristics. Pixian using an area of 100 thousand mu (approximately as 66.67 sq. km) perennially planting flowers and plants nursery stock is the largest export Chinese chives planting and processing base in southwest of China and the largest potted flowers and color plants producing base in Sichuan, is the key green food supplying base in Chengdu, and is included into the counties of national comprehensive agricultural development projects and the visiting point locations for national urban agriculture on-the-spot meeting in 2014.

Pixian has an excellent environment for business and living. It is a windward county located at the upstream of Chengdu. It enjoys a good ecology background and beautiful natural environment and it's also an important drinking water source protection area in Chengdu. We build development orientation of “watery Chengdu, ecology Pixian” depending on ecology strengths, and implement ecology environment promotion project of “clearing water, increasing plants, controlling pollution and eliminating disorder” by establishing “National Ecological Civilization Demonstration County” and “National Garden County”, so as to build Pixian covering an area of more than 400 square kilometers into an open natural scenic area and ecological park. Meanwhile, we strengthen our efforts to build a typical ecological and livable garden city by translating the ecological strengths of beautiful environment into the most competitive strengths which can improve the economic development. Pixian has developed and convenient traffic. It just takes about 30 minutes from Pixian to traffic hubs like Shuangliu International Airport, Chengdu North Railway Station, Chengdu East Railway Station, etc. Five main roads like Chengdu-Dujiangyan Expressway, Red Road (the former city segment of G317), etc. connecting east and west Pixian directly lead to central downtown of Chengdu. Pixian realizes express train and metro and integrative public transit in urban and county earlier than other counties in suburbs of Chengdu which make Pixian involve in “15 minutes living circle of Chengdu”. At present, we endeavor to introduce a batch of education and medical institutions with international famous brand, so as to improve the level of living environment, city management and public service as well as establish living and service environment with international quality.

Pixian has a great potential for investors. As one of the seven satellite cities constructed by Chengdu, Pixian has been confirmed as west high-end industry cluster district of electrical and electronic equipment, national rural tourism industry demonstration zone, west education industry cluster district and functional area of Sichuan cuisine industry. And it also has a good economic base and investment value. It has been one of the “Top10”counties in the county economy comprehensive strength for 19 consecutive years. It has been deemed as number one in “cities with most investment value in Sichuan Province” evaluation for 3 executive years. In 2013, it ranked 72 in county economies of the top 100 counties ofChinaand ranked 20 in top 100 medium and small cities with most investment potential. As a west entrance satellite city built by Chengdu, Pixian has made a great breakthrough in advance start-up of phase II of metro line 6 and replacing county with downtown. Pixian, to the extent of its ability of factor accumulation and population gathering or its development of city function and industry support, will become the strategic engine to support Chengdu’s development in the future. And it will also bring large space and bright prospect for mutual beneficial cooperation between government and enterprises.