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Seventeen Overseas Cultural Media VisitChina· Sichuan Cuisine Culture Experience Pavilion

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In the afternoon of September 22, more than twenty members of “Walk inChina— Overseas Cultural Media’s Wonderful Travel to Sichuan” interview team visitedChina· Sichuan Cuisine Culture Experience Pavilion. In the virtual kitchen of the Experience Pavilion, these overseas media friends “cooked” a plate of Mapo Tofu, interacted with lovely gestation doctor and enjoyed the joy of stirring watercress, visually and acoustically experiencing the extensive, profound and specially attractive Sichuan cuisine culture and deeply learning its origin and development process in an all-round way. They all praised the contributions of Experience Pavilion to mining, sorting and promoting Sichuan cuisine culture, and experienced the wonderful interplay of modern science and technology and ancient civilization based on the innovative exhibition way of the Experience Pavilion. After that, these media friends said that they would vigorously promote China Sichuan Cuisine Culture Experience Pavilion, to attract more people to come to learn Sichuan cuisine, study and experience Sichuan cuisine culture. Chen Xiaoping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC and Head of Publicity Department of Pixian County, accompanied them during the visit.