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Yang Dongsheng Led a Team to Guide the Aid for Tibet Program in Daofu and Visit the Fourth Batch of Tibet-Aid Cadres Sent by Pidu District

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From our staff reporter    From November 30 to December 2, Yang Dongsheng, Secretary of Pidu District CPC Committee, led a team to Daofu County, or Dawu, Ganzi Prefecture to guide the Aid for Tibet program and visit the fourth batch of Tibet-aid staff sent by Pidu District. Yang was accompanied by Chen Xin, member of the Standing Committee of Pidu District CPC Committee, Wang Yong, Assistant to District Mayor, and heads of relevant district-level units.

In Daofu County, Yang Dongsheng paid a field visit to poverty alleviation work of Dongpojia Village, inspected the construction of make-shift houses for Tibet-aid cadres, the core demonstration zone for scallion planting bases in Daofu and Gouerpu New Beautiful and Happy Village, and debriefed on basic information about counterpart assistance done in 2017 and report on working objectives in 2018. These visits were accompanied by Pu Yongfeng, Secretary of CPC Committee of Daofu County.


Yang Dongsheng pointed out that, with joint efforts from both sides, urban environment of Daofu County had been significantly improved and the living standard of its people had also been improved considerably. Next, the two sides should do a good job of construction, management and use of make-shift houses for Tibet-aid cadres, guarantee project quality, and create the conditions for satisfaction of daily needs, so as to make Tibet-aid cadres willing and pleased to go to Daofu. Cadres should innovate agricultural development model, intensify efforts in consultation and guidance regarding agricultural technologies, make good use of natural resources including sunshine, fresh air, clear waters and green hills, develop green agriculture and specialty tourism with the help of modern technology, and focus on building agriculture-tourism-integration demonstration sites, in order to promote agricultural efficiency, increase farmers' income and facilitate rural prosperity with industry. Cadres should explore planting and breeding modes and marketing modes, establish the brand image of national geographical indication protected product of Daofu scallion, create agricultural product brands of Daofu, and lead people to get rid of poverty and increase their income. Cadres should carry out marketing and planning in an in-depth manner, pay attention to important role of enterprises in counterpart assistance, fully tap into natural, cultural and tourism resources of Daofu, fire enterprises’ enthusiasm for engagement, regulate and build up high-end brands, and facilitate industrial development.


Yang Dongsheng required that, as the report to the 19th CPC National Congress proposed the implementation of rural vitalization strategy, Daofu County should aggressively promote integration and development of breeding industry, planting industry, tourism and other sectors, expand sales channels of Daofu’s specialty products through establishment of e-commerce platforms, transform traditional notions of people through industrial development, and endeavor to drive the development and market access of village collective economy. Cadres should take advantage of innovation and entrepreneurship of Pidu District in combination with actual conditions of Daofu, attract innovative technology enterprises and influential leading enterprises, gradually improve planting techniques, cultivate planting experts, scale planting up and give a boost to the development and growth of local industries. In 2018, a crucial year for securing a decisive victory in finishing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, Tibet-aid cadres sent by Pidu District should, following the standards and requirements for precision poverty relief, break down tasks, improve working measures, enhance funding guarantee, conduct earlier planning, thoughtful consideration, quick start and practical work targeting the nine major task,, so as to spare no efforts in Tibet aid handover and guarantee comprehensive over-fulfillment of poverty alleviation.


Yang Dongsheng emphasized that, as for closing of poverty relief in 2017 and planning for that in 2018, firstly, cadres should have an innovative thinking, enhance alignment, make better use of policies, give a full play to state-owned platform companies to strive for national, provincial and municipal supports. Cadres should work to guarantee assistance funding by means of advance fund allocation, project advance, credit support, high-end planning, capital construction, resources development and bank-enterprise cooperation, so as to facilitate industrial integration and development, income increase and regional development; Secondly, cadres should leverage innovation and entrepreneurship of Pidu District, fully tap into resources and market of Daofu County through organization of enterprises for matchmaking and business opportunity identification, gradually transform industrial operation modes, and broaden people’s ways to get rich; Thirdly, cadres should innovate support policies for talents to enable professionals to be willing to take root in Daofu County, intensify efforts in talent attraction publicity to make young people willing to go to Daofu County, take better education as major foundation project for poverty relief, and solve the problem of shortage of talents; Fourthly, cadres should make concrete contributions to the development of Daofu County at work, put matters of Daofu County in mind, and pool more social assistance forces together to win the battle of poverty alleviation in a determined manner; Fifthly, cadres should strengthen exchange and alignment, and guide civil affairs organizations, charities, disabled persons’ federations and other organizations to find new space for development in Daofu County, in order to realize effective integrated utilization of resources; Sixthly, cadres should rely on technology for prosperity and wisdom for poverty relief, approve projects tackling technical problems regarding planting and breading varieties for a long term, apply and strive for financial support from superior authorities, and optimize varieties of agricultural products, so as to create a new landscape for development of agriculture and animal husbandry.


Pu Yongfeng expressed his gratitude to Tibet-aid cadres for their long-term, whole-hearted care for poverty alleviation in Daofu County, and fully recognized achievements made in poverty alleviation and industry leading. Pu also expected Pidu District to further deepen counterpart support in terms of financial support for construction aid, financing policy breakthroughs, attraction of professionals, building a charming town, introduction of social enterprises, hospital qualification and upgrading. Pu hoped that these efforts would help Daofu County continue to increase revenues and guarantee high-quality poverty relief. (Reported by Sun Hao)