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Pidu District Included in “Top Ten Civilized and Ecological Cities in China”

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The reporter learned from the Publicity Department of Pidu District CPC Committee that Pidu District, with unique ecological culture and outstanding achievements in the construction of ecological civilization, was included in the 2017 “Top Ten Civilized and Ecological Cities in China” at the third “Top 100 Civilized and Ecological Cities and Scenic Spots in China”, a large-scale selection event held in Beijing recently.

It is reported that this selection event, themed “Promoting Ecological Civilization Construction and Jointly Building a Better Home” and co-organized by China Comment of the Xinhua News Agency, Minsheng Weekly of People’s Daily Press and China National Conditions Investigation and Research Center, is designed to recommend a batch of star cities and scenic spots in ecological civilization to the society while making efforts to advocate all regions to vigorously develop the green environmentally friendly concept and green economy.


Watery Pidu District


Covered with wetlands and Linpan (a typical agriculture landscape in Sichuan), green trees and flowers blooming all year around…Pidu District is a place where profound and rich historical and cultural legacy and modern urban civilization meet and add radiance and charm to each other. It gives birth to a sort of brilliant and deep-rooted regional culture that connects a series of cultural threads from “Wangcong culture, a one-thousand-year-old ancient Shu civilization, to Pixian Broad Bean Chili Paste, a century-old world intangible cultural heritage, and on to happy farmhouses which have been well-known at home and abroad riding the wind of reform".

Coming across Pidu District, everyone who has been here can feel its profoundness and depth and find it ecological and livable. In recent years, in the practice of the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, Pidu District, firmly establishes the innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development concept and seizes the great opportunities of building Chengdu as a national central city, national demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation and the shift from a county to an urban district, based on its development positioning as “a highland for entrepreneurship and innovation, a new ecological area”, to optimize the conservation of urban ecology, guarantee the improvement in urban people's livelihood and innovate urban-rural community governance. All these efforts aim to achieve the organic unity between people’s prosperity and ecological beauty.

In order to realize people’s great expectations for “blue sky, clean ground, beautiful waters, green trees and fragrant flowers”, Pidu District has, over the past five years, implemented 13 small urban street garden projects, planted new green plants covering an area of 2,580 mu (1 mu=666.7m2), with the green coverage ratio up to 43.5%, carried out eight landscape and Linpan restoration and reconstruction projects, and built fitness greenways stretching more than 270km.

Spring winds blow the smoky willows green, and waters nourish and brighten up everything. In Pidu District, with well-developed water system and densely covered rivers, Xuyan River and Baitiao River flow from west to east through 38 villages (communities) of seven Sub-districts including Tangchang, Ande and Tangyuan, providing over 90% of drinking water to the central urban area of Chengdu. Taking advantage of the water system and riverway resources, Pidu District, situated at the upstream and flowed through by eight rivers, also makes vigorous efforts to push ahead the “river chief system” and implements the Riverside Greening Project. Since 2016, Pidu District has improved the ecological environment along rivers with a combined length a 105.5km and covering an area of 14,000 mu, thus establishing a complete wetland protection system and ecological purification system.


The most beautiful Pidu District


Coming across Pidu District, everyone who has lived here can feel its vigor and vitality, and find it ideal for living and travel.

The report to the 19th CPC National Congress noted that building an ecological civilization is vital to sustain the Chinese nation’s development. Upholding the supply side structural reform as the main line, Pidu District makes ecological civilization construction and industrial development complement each other. Focusing on the reshaping the spatial layout and economic geography, Pidu District vigorously promotes regional industrial upgrading and industry-city integrated development, so as to drive the coordinated development of urban development with ecological civilization construction.

Two green rivers encircle the village and century-old Qinggang trees tuck in fishing boats. A biland naturally formed boasts the legacy of ancient countryside charm…In Qinggangshu Village, Sandaoyan Sub-district, one of the top ten most beautiful villages in China, Western Sichuan people’s residences with grey tiles and white walls are well-spaced and well-scattered. As this poetic, picturesque scroll of a great homeland which is an ideal to live, work, start up a business and travel slowly unfolds, a blueprint for industrial development, “based on ecological agriculture and introduces high-end projects and farmhouse tourism packages”, emerges. It enables the per capita disposable income of villagers to increase from RMB14,411 in 2012 to RMB21,079 at present, and helps the district hit the target of the scenic spots’ daily average reception of visitors up to over 3,000.

Now, Pidu District, historically known as the Home to Broad Bean Chili Paste, Home to Shu Embroidery and Home to Miniascape, is making progress in building a new international green ecological area. Obtaining the honor of “Top Ten Civilized and Ecological Cities in China” has strengthened Pidu District’s achievements in ecological civilization construction, and encouraged Pidu District to practice the concept of respect for nature, conforming to nature and conservation of nature, aim at pursuing green development, cyclic development and low-carbon development, and vigorously pushes forward the new pattern of ecological civilization construction featuring a harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Looking forward, it is believed that Pidu District will make a great difference in the construction of a new international urban ecological area.

(Reported by Liu Gangyu)