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Pragmatic Style of Meeting Leads the New Ethos of the Era

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Since the 19th CPC National Congress is held following the principle of thrift, without potted plants or fresh flowers at the Great Hall of the People, rejecting extravagance and waste. With the form simplified and the substance highlighted, the essence of the central Party leadership’s Eight-Point Code got effectively implemented. (October 21, People’s Daily)

Such style of meeting sends a strong signal: Strict governance over the Party should start with each meeting and every detail, so that an upright and healthy social environment can be created and the Party win the trust and support of people.

Before the roll-out of the Eight-Point Code, there are some meaningless, extravagant and “meeting-for-the sake-of-meeting” meetings. They are the so-called high-profile meetings. There are not only flowers and plants, but also exquisite printed materials, and Miss Etiquette. Such formalism not only consumes lots of human and financial resources but also aggravates the bad habits of extravagance and waste. It tarnishes the image of CPC and the government while inviting dissatisfaction from grassroots officials and the public.

However, meetings are still necessary. In his article “Work Approaches of Party Committee”, Chairman Mao Zedong said that, “once a problem arises, we need to hold a meeting to discuss it on the table. We make a few rules, then the problem gets fixed.” Meeting is a form to carry out the spirit of superior, a method to arrange tasks and a channel to mobilize the people as well as boost the morale. It indeed plays a significant and indispensable role.

Meetings must be well held. A well-organized meeting needs to adhere to the central Party leadership’s eight-point regulation. It should be simple and lean, efficient and effective, short and concise, avoiding empty talk and clichés to effectively improve the mood of meeting. Especially, the arrangement of meeting affairs of the 19th CPC National Congress should be drawn upon. Meetings should, following the principles of “simplicity, frugality, safety and high-efficiency”, be focused, simple and frugal without the red tape.

“What the top does, the bottom copies and echoes”. The 19th CPC National Congress sets a good example for local governments on how meetings should be well held. It provides a template for the grassroots to draw upon. Local governments should proactively follow the example. Party cadres must take the lead to be self-disciplined and perform their duties faithfully. They also must hold effective meetings seriously and build a good image. They should strongly advocate the fresh air of simplicity, frugality, practicality and efficiency, relating to and resonating with the whole society.

The new look of Party conduct is reflected in such change of the meeting mood. We must embrace the new era with a new look, destroying the old and establishing the new with more surefooted attitude. Also, we must do the real solid work to make progress step by step in all our undertakings and causes.