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To implement the principles of the 11th Provincial Congress of Party Representatives and the 13th Municipal Congress of Party Representatives, the District Planning and Construction Bureau, by adhering to “precise planning, ingenious design, elaborate con

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Shuxiu Greenway in the ring eco-region has been built up for a section of 16.2km.

  To respond to the call of “creating a green, flower-laden, and watery Chengdu” in all respects, actively undertake the responsibility of “city center optimization” and “controlled development of western Chengdu”, accelerate the construction of an ecological conservation functional zone of water conservation, and create a fresh image of maker Pidu District as an urban gateway, we strengthened the deployment of greenway planning and construction, and carried out the “one ring, one axis, one avenue, one town, two parks, three universities” ecological construction and industrial layout of the ring eco-region in Pidu District, in accordance with the planning concept of “water accessibility, mountains in sight, pastoral highlight and city integration”. Various eco-industrial projects and tourism and leisure projects are linked up through the construction of the ring eco-region greenway.

  “Tianfu Greenway in Chengdu is named as Shuxiu Greenway in Pidu District, situated within the bypass ecological belt of the ring eco-region in Pidu District, running through 17 villages in four towns: Hongguang Town, Xipu Town, Tuanjie Town and Anjing Town.” Tian Yilin, a member of the Party committee and President of the National People’s Congress of Anjing Town, told the reporter. According to the preliminary scheme of the General Plan for Chengdu Tianfu Greenway, the total length of Shuxiu Greenway is about 35.6 km, including the “one ring” greenway of 11.5 km, and a section of 16.2 km has been built up currently.

  The gallery section of Shuxiu Greenway is a good place for summer recreation

  In the summer afternoon, as you set foot on the gallery section of Shuxiu Greenway on the north bank of Fuhe River in Anjing Town, you’ll be greeted with streams murmuring, winding paths with luxuriantly green trees on both sides making a pleasant shade, and fragrance of trees and flowers spreading in the air. Together with the clear water and occasional passing birds, it is really a wonderful place to avoid summer heat. “After the greenway was built up, vehicles are banned to enter in, so it is not necessary to worry about vehicle driving. With fresh air and good view here, I love having some tea and enjoy the cool by the riverside here at my leisure time,” said a citizen, Liu Shijing.

  Along the road, cedars were planted, and across the river, small wooden bridges were built, with antique bluestone fences … “I feel very comfortable walking on this greenway, and I can also enjoy the sights at the riverbank. It is a good place for exercise.” Said by Li Xiufang, who was having a walk.
  “This greenway was once an uneven traffic road. After repairing early this year, it becomes a fitness and exercise place for people with the improved environment, as bluestone and iron rope fences were built at the riverbank,” Tian Yilin said. Efforts should be made to pave red pervious materials on the road surface of the gallery section of Shuxiu Greenway, improve supporting facilities of the greenway, place Sichuan embroidery culture of Anjing in supporting facilities to display the origin, works and relevant poems of Sichuan embroidery in the form of wall paintings in the next step, so as to effectively disseminate the Sichuan embroidery culture.

  A section of greenway in Fangqiao Village is a good place for riding.

  Riding on the country road in Fangqiao Village, Anjing Town, with mostly rivers and farmlands on both sides, you’ll not only enjoy the riding pleasure on the flat and easy road, but also have a panoramic view of surrounding pastoral style. There are many farmyards featuring the Sichuan embroidery culture, so that you can enjoy a cup of tea on your way and experience the relaxed and comfortable country life.
  Green grasses spreads everywhere along the road in the sunshine, presenting a greenery view, and you can see riders by twos and threes from time to time. “I feel particularly comfortable to ride a bike on the greenway here with friends” said by Wang Zhiyuan, a cycling enthusiast.
  “This section of greenway in Fangqiao Village is part of the Tianfu Flower City project. Efforts were made to rebuild and upgrade the existing road, and properly altered surrounding greenery, so as to avoid wastes from large-scale demolition and construction. Meanwhile, landscape architectural pieces and recreational exercise facilities were added to an appropriate extent according to people’s needs for rest and exercise functions,” relevant responsible personnel in the Construction Section of Anjing Town said.
  It is known that, in addition to a 2.4km and 4m-wide section of Shuxiu Greenway on the north bank of Fuhe River as well as a 3.1km and 2.5m-wide section of greenway in Fangqiao Village built by Anjing Town, the built-up 16.2km Shuxiu Greenway includes a 6.2km and 5m-wide section of greenway in Xipu Village built by Chengdu Happy Agricultural Development Co., Ltd , a 1.5km and 9.5m-wide section of greenway built by Tiemen Village, Hongguang Town; and a 3km and 3m-wide section of unilateral greenway in the north of Shawan Road West extension built by the former Pixian Urban and Rural Investment, Construction and Development Co., Ltd.  At the next step, we will continue to work with Chengdu Institute of Planning & Design and China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute, to optimize the planning adjustment and design of the ring eco-region, well deal with the land transfer and resident resettlement issues, so as to ensure the smooth construction of Shuxiu Greenway.  (By reporter Wang Xia)

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