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“Five Optimization Actions” for Building a New Area and “Five Lines Construction” for Creating a Beautiful Future —District Planning and Construction Bureau Implements “City Center Optimization” and “Controlled Development of West Chengdu” Strategies by M

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To implement the principles of the 11th Provincial Congress of Party Representatives and the 13th Municipal Congress of Party Representatives, the District Planning and Construction Bureau, by adhering to “precise planning, ingenious design, elaborate construction and refined management” and focusing on the objectives of optimizing urban spatial structure, reshaping urban economic geography, improving urban development level and enhancing urban core competitiveness, implements “five optimization actions” in “city center optimization” area to build it into a national central city urban new area that comprehensively demonstrates new development concepts and facilitates “five lines construction” in “controlled development of west Chengdu” area to build it into a demonstration area of a paragon beautiful Chinese city.
  Building “city center optimization” new area by “five optimization actions”

  Busy scenes of project construction can be observed everywhere in towns and on streets in the district: accelerating the construction of ring ecological zone greenway system, ecological wetland and Shu Embroidery Town; implementing Fuhe Riverhead ecological restoration project; implementing circum-university ecological environment improvement project; energetically developing electronic information and modern productive services and improving high-end green development capacity by relying on “one district and four parks”.
  The rapid development of these projects is only part of our efforts to build “city center optimization” new area. “Every city has its unique characteristics and features, so only by elaborately shaping development structure can we build a unique Pidu District”, said Wei Bo, Head of Office of District Planning and Construction Bureau. “To further facilitate the development of ‘city center optimization’ new area, by implementing ‘five optimization actions’, i.e. ‘optimize ecology to improve the environment, optimize form to improve quality, optimize supporting facilities to enhance functions, optimize scale to adjust structure and optimize industry to improve development level’, we strive to build the 120km2 ‘city center optimization’ area (including the 43km2 CDHT West Park) into a national central city urban new area that comprehensively demonstrates new development concepts”.
  Especially, as for the construction of public service facilities that are closely related to the life of civilians such as education, culture, sports and medical care, the District Planning and Construction Bureau will accelerate the implementation process according to the criterion of “ensuring the standard to be no lower than and quality higher than central urban area” and on the basis of improving supporting facilities and enhancing functions. “We strive to complete the construction of Xipu Sports Square by the end of 2017, launch the upgrading of Shudu Campus of Shishi High School before 2018 and build five high-quality schools including Xipu Primary School and Tuanjie School, ” said Wei Bo. In addition, with Xipu Metro Station & High-speed Rail Station comprehensive traffic hub as the center, we will increase public supporting projects such as public parking lots, P+R and B+R facilities as required, build metro/bus + slow traffic green travel system, improve availability of public transport and bicycle-sharing system, increase public transport coverage and energetically build green transport demonstration zones. Meanwhile, we will launch the renovation project of Yangxi Express Way by 2018, complete the construction of Chengdu Tramway Line 2 by 2019 and complete the construction of Metro Line 6 phase II by 2020, building significant public transport channels connecting “city center optimization” cluster of the district with other regions and basically forming a 15-minute regional commuting circle.

  Facilitating the construction of “controlled development of west Chengdu” area by “five lines construction”

  In the morning, walking through greenways in the district with trees, flowers and grassland around, “I feel so happy”, said happily Wang Li who often enjoys leisure time and does exercise on the greenway of Tuojiang River. Satisfaction of citizens results from the persistent efforts of the District Planning and Construction Bureau in implementing the three-year greenway construction plan, establishing a long-standing greenway control mechanism and building the greenway layout of “two ring roads, one axis and two avenues” to form a 500km greenway loop network across the district.
  In addition to the construction of the closely followed greenway “green line” and water system “blue line”, the District Planning and Construction Bureau has enhanced the construction and control of ventilation “white line”, historical culture “purple line” and green technology high-end industry “gold time”, striving to build the 318km2 “controlled development of west Chengdu” area into a demonstration area of a paragon beautiful Chinese city by “five lines construction”.
  The District Planning and Construction Bureau has attached great significance to ecological planning and control when implementing the “controlled development of west Chengdu” strategy. According to relevant officer of the District Planning and Construction Bureau, “we have built two ventilation corridors in the south and north to maintain the ‘8+x’ overall ventilation corridor landscape of Chengdu. The two extended ventilation corridors in the south and north have formed the approximately 203km2 ‘Dujiangyan- Fuhe River- looped ecological zone’ northward primary ventilation belt and the southward secondary ventilation opening along the Qimu River in the district, forming a ‘fresh breeze system’ in northwest Chengdu”.
  Ecological environment is closely related to civilization. The 18th National Congress of the CPC included the construction of ecological civilization into the “five in one” overall layout of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Therefore, to build an economic city with high-end green technology is another priority of the District Planning and Construction Bureau.
  “By energetically developing modern agriculture in water conservation areas, we strive to build four characteristic industrial bases, i.e. a 20,000 mu export processing base, a 50,000 mu Hong Kong and Macau special supply base, a 30,000 mu group special supply base and a 30,000 mu flower base, with an aim to build the five towns in northwest Chengdu into first-rate green organic fresh agricultural produce production bases in Chengdu”, said Wei Bo. Furthermore, centering on the high-end green technology industrial positioning and focusing on new economic industrial park and small- and micro-sized enterprise innovation park, the District Planning and Construction Bureau plans to build four bases including “IC, sensor, software R&D industry and 5G industry” and establish a “electronic information+” industrial cluster to facilitate the development of trillion-yuan electronic information industry in Chengdu. Besides, with the support of Chengdu Microorganism Industry Technology Institute, the bureau will facilitate the construction of the 3.7km2 Ande Sichuan Cuisine Industrial Base, energetically develop deep processing industry of agricultural and sideline products including Sichuan cuisine spices and Sichuan cuisine raw materials and ingredients such as Pixian bean paste, and build a global Sichuan cuisine raw material and ingredient production and distribution center.