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A 27 New Scientific Innovation Town Centered on “Electronic Information +” Industry Will Be Built in Pidu District

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On May 13, Chengdu Pidu District People’s Government, Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co., Ltd, Shanghai Hefu Holding (Group) Company Limited and University of Electronic   Science and Technology of China (UESTC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build a 27 Jingrong Smart Valley” in Pidu District, Chengdu City. The UESTC will be relied on to create a new scientific innovation town which centers on “electronic information +” industry. They continue to make all efforts to promote the brand construction of internationally well-known “Maker Pidu” and the development of electronic information industrial base to build a new "Maker Pidu" pattern covering its whole district, all fields and industries and reaching multiple levels and points.


According to the introduction from relevant persons-in-charge, “Jingrong Smart Valley” is the main bearing region of the Chengdu mass innovation and entrepreneurship incubation platform instruction. The priority will be given to the development of Internet of Things infrastructure, cloud computing infrastructure, geographic space infrastructure and other next-generation information technologies. The relevant technologies will be widely used in the construction of smart city.

The “Jingrong Smart Valley” is not only a highland of mass innovation and entrepreneurship in Sichuan Province and even throughout the country, but also a technology highland globally

“Electronic Information +” is the tag and core competitiveness of “Jingrong Smart Valley”. Li Yanrong, President of UESTC, said that, “‘Electronic Information +’ is the combination of electronic information technology with each industry and field. It is an innovation development for both electronic information technology and other fields.” “Electronic Information +” model is new power and vision to promote the development of UESTC at new height, width and dimension. It is also a real opportunity for Hefu and other industrial powers to realize the "Standford-Silicon Valley" model and UESTC to develop itself into a world-class university.”

For the significance of “Jingrong Smart Valley”, Yuan Guohua, President of Lingang Group, said that, “Jingrong Smart Valley” would be built into a national-class or even world-class innovation and entrepreneurship center by relying on the UESTC. The Lingang Group is committed to pushing the industrial development, what's more, serving the local development. The signing of this Strategic Cooperation Agreement is the extension and upgrading of the “One School, One belt” as well as “Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship in both Chengdu and Shanghai” Strategy jontly built by three parties including Lingang Group, HEFU Group and UESTC.

 According to Yang Dongsheng, the Party Secretary of Pidu District, the “Jingrong Smart Valley” project is not only an important acting point to implement the requirement of Chengdu’s “development control in the west area” planning, vigorously develop high-end green technology industries, comprehensively promoting the green development level in Pidu District and push the construction of ecological and livable new international urban district, but also one of major initiatives of implementing the spirit of the Thirteenth Congress of Party Representatives in Pidu District and making Pidu District’s contributions to building a national central city which fully shows the new development concept. 

As a sample Industry-University-Research project created by the western and easternChina, “Jingrong Smart Valley” takes a lot of innovation methods with the support of the government. As for this, Zhou Jinting, Chairman of Hefu Group, said that, by relying on UESTC and taking the ‘Electronic Information +’ as a base, we could perfectly connect the technology innovation with the new-type urbanization construction inChina, to achieve an urbanization construction with full and diverse technological content. It also makes positive contributions to the self-restoration function healthy urbanization operation in the new-type urbanization construction. “Electronic Information +” will provide the most important technical support and industrial support for it, which is the important role it plays in the national economic development. Building the “Jingrong Smart Valley” is not just to build a city, but create a complete and smart urban system from the industry to the people's livelihood, from life to public safety and from the ecological construction to the grassroots governance. At the same time, “Jingrong Smart  Valley” will also introduce PPP method to gather the resources from all over the country. Chengdu will become the center ofChina’s smart city construction PPP project, and the “Jingrong Smart  Valley” a world-class innovation entrepreneurship town.

 By Zhang Xiangling, a cover journalist of the West China City Daily

(Original title: A 27 New Scientific Innovation Town Centered on “Electronic Information +” Industry Will Be Built in Pidu District)