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Geographic Location

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            Pixian is located at the center of Chuanxi Plain and lies between 103°43'-104°03' east longitude and 30°43'-30°58' northern latitude with an area of 437.5 square kilometers. The terrain of Pixian declines from the northwestern part to the southeastern part with a relative altitude difference of 121.8 meters. Except for a hilly land at the northwest corner with a area of 4.6 square kilometers, the rest of the area of Pixian is plain. The landform of Pixian looks like a palm reaching out to the southeast part from the northwest part with five fingers closed. Pixian is adjacent to Dujiangyan, Wenjiang, Pengzhou and Xindu respectively from the west, south, north and northeast , and the county town Pitong Town is only 13 kilometers away from its eastern adjacent region Jinniu District.

 By geomorphic type, Pixian belongs to western plain area of Sichuan Basin with typical characteristics of western Sichuan plain, a fan-shaped alluvial plain by the Minjiang River. It slopes from northwest to southeast with the characteristic of “the whole is plain but the part is not plain”. There form numerous pieces of strip dam-shaped land (the relative height is less than 2 meters) spreading like fan and with convex-concave-shaped microtopography because of the impact of ancient stream channel and the washing and incision of modern rivers. The shallow hill tableland---Hengshanzi in northwest is the only massif of Pixian. Except that the shallow hill tableland is claypan of old alluviation yellow mud, covering purple sandstone and conglomerate underneath, the plain surface of the whole county is mud layer of new alluviation gray paddy soil with fine grain of land under the impact of the Minjiang River, covering diluvium yellow mud layer or yellow mud mingling sand layer underneath, which is suitable for growing various crops. The drainage system of the whole county is developed where four main streams of Neijiang flow through the county, which forms eight main canals, two sub-main canals and one Dongfengqu main canal. Then, these canals continue to form irrigation and drainage system as fine as a spider’s web. The geotectonics of Pixian belongs to the third subsidence zone of Neocathaysian structural system and the geologic structure belongs to Cenozoic fault depression of central Sichuan platform depression-western Sichuan platform subside-Chengdu.